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The Best High Chair: Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp

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The brand Stokke has always been associated with quality. Stokke’s most famous product is none other than the iconic Tripp Trapp chair. Recently, Stokke introduced Stokke Steps, another high chair that grows with your child as well. If you are looking for a comparison between these two, this is the best and most useful side by side comparison of Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp to help with your decision making.

Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp: Overall View

Stokke Steps in natural legs and white seat (on the left) and Stokke Tripp Trapp in lime green (on the right)

Steps are made of sturdy plastic wooden legs while Tripp Trapp is made entirely of high quality wood. This makes Tripp Trapp which weighs at 7kg heavier in comparison to Steps which weights around 5kg.

In terms of looks, Steps is more modern looking while Tripp Trapp looks stylish. Both will look good at your home. Steps has a rounder edge design compared to Tripp Trapp. Hence, I had to use soft baby foam corner guards around the sharp corners of Tripp Trapp to safeguard my toddler from any injuries.

Baby Set

Stokke Steps baby set (on the left) versus Stokke Tripp Trapp baby set (on the right)

To be able to use both Steps and Tripp Trapp from 6 months onwards up till 3 years old, you would need to purchase a baby set. From the photo, you can clearly see that the baby set on Steps is wider and has rounded edges in comparison to Tripp Trapp.

I have been using Tripp Trapp and was very happy with it, until my son got a little bit too chunky. His legs would get stuck when we tried to carry him out of the chair, which resulted in red marks. This is the main reason we changed to Steps, otherwise I’m just really happy with Tripp Trapp.

Stokke Steps (on the left) vs. Stokke Tripp Trapp (on the right)

From the photo, you can clearly see that Steps has a wider seat compared to Tripp Trapp. In conclusion, the baby set in Steps is more spacious for your baby in comparison to Tripp Trapp. The adjustable seat depth for the Steps baby set was definitely the biggest selling point for us. You can compare how spacious Steps in comparison to Tripp Trapp.

Hence, if you have a chunky baby then Steps is probably more comfortable for your baby.

Foot plate: Steps vs. Tripp Trapp

Top view: Stokke Steps (on the left) vs. Stokke Tripp Trapp (on the right)

Steps has a considerably smaller footplate in comparison to Tripp Trapp. I think that this makes it more difficult for my toddler son to stand in his high chair. It is good that it’s more challenging for him to stand since there is not much space on the footplate. However, I do think that a smaller footplate affects the stability and makes Steps less stable compared to Tripp Trapp.

Stability : Steps vs. Tripp Trapp

Side View: Steps (on the front) vs. Tripp Trapp (at the back)

Tripp Trapp is more stable in comparison to Steps. Perhaps Tripp Trapp is heavier or has a bigger foot plate, but it is definitely more stable. We have never experienced any incidents with Tripp Trapp that could put our son in danger since it’s so sturdy and well built. It has withstood my son’s tantrums since day 1.

However, with Steps unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Whenever my son gets agitated and leans forward, Steps actually loses its balance and topples forward. This has happened on several occasions and if I wasn’t there to balance the chair in time, it would have resulted in an injury for sure.

In addition, the Steps chair leg stretches out further than Tripp Trapp. We all (myself, my husband and my son included) gets tripped or stubbed our toes on Step’s chair leg all the time. This has never happened with Tripp Trapp.


Stokke Step’s tray vs. Stokke Tripp Trapp’s tray

The tray is definitely larger on the Steps as seen on the photo. This makes it easier to catch food debris. This bigger tray is also useful for some coloring activities or minor art & crafts. I personally find that the tray on Stokke Steps are easier to clean compared to Tripp Trapp.

Overall, which is better? Stokke Steps or Tripp Trapp?

Stokke Steps

Advantages: Sleek modern design, spacious baby set, bigger tray and rounded edges on corner.

Drawbacks: Not as stable as I’d expected, smaller foot plate and longer chair legs that sticks out.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Advantages: Extremely sturdy, more long lasting compared to Steps (after removal of baby set as the seat height is adjustable and larger seat too) and bigger footplate.

Drawbacks: The sharp edges and corners of the chair , and the baby set is pretty small.

They are both excellent choices as a high chair nevertheless. I know because I have changed 4 high chairs up till now. Read here to find out what type of high chair you definitely shouldn’t get.

It is up to your own preferences when it comes to choosing between Steps or Tripp Trapp. They are both sturdy, easy to clean, highly customizable ( accessories sold separately) based on your own needs and have a newborn set that you can purchase separately for use from newborn stage. These two chairs will last you for years, have you made your choice?

Click here to get Stokke Steps.

Click here to get Stokke Tripp Trapp.

Bonus Tips: Which Suction Plate works best on Stokke Steps or Tripp Trapp?

This bamboo suction plate from Koko Kids works really well on the tray of both Steps and Tripp Trapp. We bought the elephant suction plate and my son loves using this plate. There are many other cute designs available too. Click here to get this plate now!

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