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Is it Worth The Money? : Tripp Trapp Chair And Accessories Review

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Stokke Tripp Trapp is one of the most famous high chairs in the world as the chair that grows with your child. Currently retailing at US$199 for the chair alone , it is not the cheapest option out there. So is it worth the money? Read on to find my review about the Tripp Trapp chair and it’s accessories!

When it comes to our child, no doubt that we want only the best for them. We went to an extent of changing three different high chairs, and thankfully we found the one. Read about our pain of buying the wrong high chair here.

The Tripp Trapp chair itself at HK$ 1980 (US$ 199)…

Tripp Trapp chair inclusive of baby set accessory in green

When I first took a look at this chair, my first thought was ” Is this sturdy?”. It does give you an impression that a child can easily topple over. But yes, it is sturdy. I know because when my child throws a tantrum, he kicks the footrest hard and keeps arching himself backwards. Many times. So far, the chair seems sturdy enough to withstand his tantrums. My child is wriggly, and has a reputation for not being able to sit still. Yet, he seemed to enjoy sitting on this chair. He can sit on this chair for hours watching his favorite baby shark playing on the television. Check this world famous high chair out by clicking here now.

However, Stokke knows how to make loads of money out of you. There’s many accessories which are sold separately that you need to buy to complement the chair for maximal comfort. Below are the list of additional accessories I bought for my child and my verdict after using them whether it is a must have or a nice to have.

Must have accessories Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby set

I think that this baby set (refer photo above attached to the chair) is really necessary if your baby is young and wriggly like mine for optimal safety. The high back support also provides little one with extra comfort. It is extremely easy to set up and safely clicks in place with the chair itself. The material is dishwasher proof and you can wipe them easily with a damp cloth as well.

Nice to have Stokke Soft Cushion for Tripp Trapp chair

Photo credit of Silhouette green tripp trapp cushion from Stokke website

This accessory adds comfort for your child especially during winter. It helps to keep them warm rather than the cold hard wood. This is a more recent design where the covers are actually waterproof-ish. You can easily wipe them clean in case of any spillage. So make sure you check if the material of the design you choose is waterproof or not. This makes a huge difference. If it’s not waterproof, don’t get it. Nobody has the time to clean it after every meal. You can be sure there will be some stains here and there after every meal with your little one. It’s not a must have, because anyways our child doesn’t spend that much time on the chair. So sitting on a wooden chair is not that unbearable, besides it is much easier to clean without any cushion.

Nice to have Stokke Tripp Trapp Tray

tripp trapp tray
Photo credit Tripp Trapp tray white currently retailing at HK$398 from Indigo Living

I personally think that this is a nice to have. This chair is designed to be at a height that complements our dining table. Hence a tray is not really necessary. Just push the chair towards the dining table, it will fit nicely if your table height is within 72 cm to 76 cm. We do own this as it doubles up as his activity table where he can play with his toys while waiting to be served.

Tips: Please make sure the baby set is at least a V2 or V3 (later version). Unfortunately this tray is incompatible with the older baby set.

Must have accessories Tripp Trapp Chair Harness Beige

Photo credit Stokke harness beige from Stokke website

Every parent that I know has the same pain as myself when their child gets more mobile. No parents can escape from the day their child understood that they can stand on the chair. Or try to make an escape from meal time. Even my baby, who loves to eat so much. He does his escape attempt very frequently. So, I think this harness is a must have for optimal safety. But the harness design is not that good. Once you set it up, the child can’t rest against the back seat because the harness gets in the way. It does make the chair less comfortable for the child. Weighting options between safety versus comfort, we picked safety first.

Overall we spent a good HK$ 3274 (US$ 422) on the Tripp Trapp chair including accessories. You may think that is a lot. This chair should last us a good 10 years or so, hence it didn’t seem to be too big of an investment now. Besides, this chair is highly sought after in the second hand market place. You will be able to resell it and get a partial of your money back. Huge initial investment, but you will be able to provide a safe, sturdy and comfortable dining experience for your child. When your child is feeling comfortable, they eat better. And I think that’s worth it.

Parenting pain: Spending HK$ 3274 (US$ 422) on a chair. Ouch, my wallet hurts.

Featured image photo credit of “Tripp Trapp the chair that grows with the chair” taken from Stokke website

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