Can Cocoonababy Help with Infant Reflux? What You Need to Know & My Honest Review

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When my first baby was about 14 days old, he started having some weird breathing sound like mucus in his nose. Being a clueless parent, we thought he was having a cold. So, we used saline spray for him and it didn’t improve after a whole week. I also find it weird because he didn’t seem to have any runny nose or mucus that was visible. Finally, we brought him to the hospital. And we were told that his problem is none other than reflux. It was the milk that went back up and got stuck in his nose. That was the first time I heard about infant reflux.

What you need to know about infant reflux?

Infant reflux is apparently more common than you think. Infants spit back the milk that you feed them due to an immature digestive system. So, if your baby is constantly spitting milk after your feeding but doesn’t look very affected by the spitting it’s probably just reflux. However, if your baby is doing projectile vomit and looked very uncomfortable then it could be gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). For GERD you do need to seek doctor’s advice immediately.

My baby has been having a very bad reflux since the day he was born. As a new mother, I felt really helpless seeing my newborn suffer like that. Every time after I breastfeed him, he would vomit a big amount of milk back out. Especially during the first few days when I have to watch him spitting out my milk which was full of colostrum which is really beneficial for him. His reflux used to be so bad that once we lay him down, he would immediately spit milk back out and cry.

There’s nothing we can do really. Burping doesn’t really help much with him. Then again, my baby didn’t burp much. We would try for like 15-30 minutes and he just wouldn’t burp. So, we had no choice but to hold him upright instead for like 30 minutes for the milk to go down his system before putting him back down flat.

What can you do to help?

As advised by our doctor, we put a wedge of about 30 degrees in his cot to raise his head a little in the cot. Burping your baby after each feeding and holding the baby upright for at least thirty minutes helps tremendously too. Try not to feed your baby until he is really full. Make smaller feeds and increase the frequency of feedings instead. There’s nothing else you can do to help except to wait for their stomach’s digestive system to be matured. This takes somewhere between six months up to a year old.

Be patient and it will pass. It is not easy for us to deal with the milk spitting especially with all the crying, fussiness and changing that you had to do. I started looking for the term infant reflux on the internet internet and mommy’s forum. I came across a product by Red Castle called Cocoonababy. Some mommies swore by them, saying how much it helped their baby to sleep etc. I became intrigued. Can Cocoonababy help with infant reflux? And of course, I was frantically searching to buy one. I was desperate. The reflux affected my son’s sleep so much that he is very cranky all the time. When he’s cranky, he is crying a lot and swallowing a lot of air that gives him a painful belly in the end. It is like an endless vicious cycle.

What is Cocoonababy?

Cocoonababy is designed by the Red Castle company from France dated 25 years ago. Cocoonababy is basically an ergonomic small pillow like baby mattress that is shaped like a cocoon, which enables your baby to be fitted snugly into a semi foetal position. It claims to help your newborn transition into the world and is recommended for usage from newborn up till three months old. You can read more details and other real parent’s reviews about the Cocoonababy here. Meanwhile, continue reading to find out whether Cocoonababy can help with infant reflux for me.

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