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Five crazy things that my baby did before he turned one

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Baby is one amazing little creature. From the day they arrive in your life, they bring you joy and pain. They surprise you in every way possible, that you can never imagine before you have a baby. Here’s a list of top five crazy things my baby did before he turned one. It drives me mad, but I still love my baby and would never change anything about him.

Photo credit by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels (2019)

1. He love to roll on his side while sleeping, then flip over to full sleeping on his stomach

You might think, what is the big deal with this. Well the crazy thing is, he started doing this at two weeks old. I read everywhere in the books and internet that the recommended sleeping position for a baby is on his back. It is the safest position especially for newborn to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). He would wriggle his way out of his swaddle, then move on to the side sleeping. Eventually he would fall on his stomach since he is leaning way too much on the side.You spent so much time trying to put your baby to sleep, great now when you try to move him back to the sleeping on his back position he’s going to wake up. But every time I put him back on his back he would roll on his side again. Then, back to his tummy position.

He is two weeks old, where did he learn to wriggle out of his swaddle like that? Where did he find the strength to roll himself to the side?

That is the first crazy thing that my baby did that drives me crazy, they can turn or spin or rotate in so many different positions when they are sleeping. Except sleeping on his back. No matter how you swaddle them, it just does not work. Or is it just my baby? I am constantly worried and couldn’t sleep properly because of his favorite sleeping position. However, we managed to find a device that enables us to finally go to sleep without worries. With the BabySense Movement Monitor, it actually detects the slightest movement of your baby. If it doesn’t detect any movement for more than 20 seconds or an extraordinarily slow movement of 10 micro-movements per minute, the alarm will ring.

Thank god for technology.

Photo credit by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels (2020)

2. Really crazy things my baby did: Projectile poop does travel far

Nobody ever informs me that new born baby poops after every feeding. During the first three months, our life (me and my husband’s) revolves around feeding, burping, changing his clothes diaper, putting the baby to sleep, and then changing again because the baby pooped. This cycle happens so fast that we lose track of time. After you have a baby, trust me time flies so fast. So anyways, I have witnessed projectile poop that my baby did. It must have flown at least two meters away. He was 13 days old.

And yes, as you try to avoid the projectile poop it went on our furniture instead. The stain never really goes away. We are constantly reminded of this occasion when we look at our chair. My husband’s office chair. He is still upset about it. It has been about a year now. So yes, this is the second crazy thing that babies do. They do powerful projectile poops. It’s a tough choice to let the projectile poop hit you or your furniture. Make your own choice. Choose wisely.

Photo credit by Pixabay on Pexels (2016)

3. Didn’t I just cut his fingernails two days ago? Is he Wolverine?

I swear I cut his fingernail two days ago. Somehow in just two days, his fingernails are as long as Wolverine. Is he Wolverine, what is this super-fast regenerative fingernail of his? Of course, you would think. That it’s not a big problem. That is what mittens are for. Wrong. It’s a problem when my baby is also a talented magician. He can magically make his mittens disappear. Then proceed to scratch his face / my face with his fingernails.

It’s like having a cat. I know that my baby didn’t do it intentionally and I still love him. This is the third crazy thing that my baby does, fingernails that grow so fast and deadly like Wolverine!

Photo credit by Marcus Paulo Prado on Unsplash (2020)

4. Next level drama, head banging

I am not sure if all babies are dramatic. Or just mine. But mine is super dramatic. More dramatic than a Korean drama. Whenever he is frustrated or upset about something, he would search for somewhere hard to repeatedly bang his head on. It gets funny sometimes. Imagine this situation. Mommy takes his toys away because he misbehaves, he started banging his head on the nearest surface. If I give no reaction, he moves on to look for the next harder surface to bang his head on to see my reaction. *rolls eyes*.

Recently, he has a new stunt. He is very fond of this green little hammer with soft rubber heads. He would carry this hammer around with him anywhere even when he’s on his potty. So now whenever he gets upset, first he throws the hammer across the room and then he proceeds to look for a hard surface to bang his head on. He is not just baby Wolverine, he is also baby Thor. He is such a comedian. When I see him throwing a tantrum, it is like watching a comedy sketch. The crazy things my baby does. Turning negativity into positivity by turning his tantrum into a comedy sketch. What a talented boy. I love this boy.

Photo credit by Pixabay on Pexels (2017)

5. Lastly, all the crazy things a.k.a amazing accomplishments that he achieved before turning one.

Started saying hello when he’s about a month old.It’s true. I have it on video recorded. By 3 months old, he murmured mama for the first time and I’m the happiest mother alive. At 4 months and 11 days old, he successfully rolled from his back to his tummy by himself. By six months old, learning to crawl by reverse crawling. At six months old his first tooth erupted. He’s one year old now and has a grand total of 8 teeth. Seven months old he has enough strength to sit on his own without support and standing by himself while holding on to the activity table. I saw him standing and dancing to a tune for the first time when he’s eight months old. Nine months old, he managed to put the ball back into the hole in a permanence box.

He began cruising along the furniture around nine months old and can walk about three steps unassisted. When he was nine months old, he got a terrible gastroenteritis. Despite being unwell, he remained cheerful and I realized he’s stronger than some adults I know when it comes to being sick. Ten months old, he was walking steadily by himself and went shopping for his first pair of hard sole shoes at Central. You can read all about our tips on how we managed to encourage an early walker here.

Into eleven months old, he achieved many things. Like he can clap his hands, wave hello and goodbye when requested and also has his first ride on his Doona Liki trike which he absolutely loved. He also refused to be fed and wanted to eat with his own hand. He managed to put a ring back to his wooden stacking ring toy by eleven months old too and can sort shapes back into their intended slots.

Photo credit by Tetyana Kovyrina on Pexels (2019)

All these amazing accomplishments and it is crazy how much he has evolved

My baby is evolving and unlocking new skills like a Pokemon every single day. At one year old, he helped me to hang some laundry (very impressive mimicking!), he knows where we kept the remote control and can turn the TV on by himself. Now going to his thirteenth months old, he recently did his business in the potty for the first time. I wonder what crazy things / achievement he is going to show me next?

Life is so interesting now when you have a little one. Every single day is truly a new beginning and you will never have a dull moment. And please, I do not mean to brag in any ways. All babies are developing at their own pace and eventually they will get there. They truly grow so fast, so make sure you are present to capture every special moment with your little one.

Anyways, I bet nobody ever tells you these crazy things that little babies do. I hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any other crazy things that your baby did, please share it with me! Leave me a comment below. For more parenting articles, don’t forget to subscribe and please click here to browse through my previous blog posts.

Parenting Pain: This little boy never fails to surprise me with his achievements. I can’t wait to wake up every day to see what new achievements he will unlock today. It brings me a lot of joy to be able to be at home with my baby witnessing all these crazy little things my baby does.

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