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Breastfeeding: A Unique Experience You Should Experience as a Woman

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An infographic to all you need to know for a positive breastfeeding journey.

All my life, I have never experienced anything like breastfeeding. Every mother who breastfeeds has her own unique experience. If you have yet to breastfeed, let me tell you why breastfeeding is a unique experience you must experience as a woman in this lifetime.

The magical liquid gold

After you give birth, for the first few days you will produce colostrum a.k.a liquid gold. This amazing liquid gold is filled with antibodies to fight against germs / illness and healthy bacteria to protect your baby’s gut. It’s thick and yellow milk which is packed with all sorts of complex goodies tailored for your baby. And you are the proud producer! It’s really something to be able to produce something this beneficial for your baby. I felt really proud to be able to provide my baby with this magical liquid gold.

Photo credit by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels (2018)

Breastfeeding brings you on a unique learning journey

Self-realization. In this unique learning journey, you will realize what a great mother you can be. Breastfeeding takes a lot of effort and determination. Apart from the technical knowledge and skills you must possess to breastfeed successfully, you learnt to do whatever it takes to get good quality milk. You learn to take care of yourself better, as what goes into you goes to your baby. You learn how to stay calm when dealing with a not so cooperative baby while breastfeeding. I can’t think of any situation that will embark you on this unique learning journey apart from breastfeeding.

Photo credit by Nikolay Osmachko on Pexels (2016)

Discovering myself on a unique breastfeeding experience as a woman

I learnt so much more about myself during this unique breastfeeding journey. I have always thought I have low pain tolerance but I was wrong. Amazingly I manage to continue breastfeeding despite having cracked and bleeding nipples. I was in so much pain, but I persevered. That’s because I want the best for my baby. I also learnt how strong my mind can be. My mind was so strong to persist through all the turbulence I face while breastfeeding as I set my goal very clearly. Now, I know what I’m truly capable of.

Photo credit by Dave Clubb on Unsplash (2017)

Breastfeeding empowers you as a woman

Breastfeeding gives me the courage I never thought I have. I have never in a million-year thought that I will be brave enough to expose my breast to the public. Think again. When you have a wailing hungry baby and nowhere to go to feed your baby, you will not even think twice. You would just breastfeed your baby there and then. We have seen men always walking around shirtless and that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Well, now as a woman, it’s not an issue to me too. See how breastfeeding can empower you as a woman?

Breastfeeding turned me into an opportunist

As an oversupply mom, I had my fair shares of breastfeeding problems. From strong letdown causing my poor baby to choke on milk all the time to frequent clogged ducts. Mastitis, backaches, high fever and chills you name it, I had it all. Despite all the pains I had to face as an oversupply milk mom, I learnt how I can make the best out of the situation. As I had to pump more often to avoid clogged duct, I have a lot of leftover milk.

I discovered there’s many ways you can use the leftover breast milk. The best way is of course to donate them to other babies in need. Do you know babies tend to have a lot of skin problems? Hence, I am using my breast milk as a milk spa bath for my baby on a daily basis. It did wonders to improve his skin condition and keep his skin moist and radiant. It is also my natural diaper rash remedy for my baby, and it really works! Apart from that, you can use the leftover milk to make teething rusk or freeze into an ice popsicle which is really great when your baby is teething. I pamper myself by using them as face masks too.

Emerging new trends are making jewelries such as pendants with breast milk for keepsake. If you have the time, you can turn them into soap as well. See how this unique breastfeeding experience has turned me into an opportunist? I know, not a drop of my breast milk goes to waste.

Photo credit by Dave Clubb on Unsplash (2017)

Lastly, feeling the oxytocin flows in my blood

Oxytocin, the famous love hormone. Every time I breastfeed my baby, I have this very warm and fuzzy feeling as we gaze as each other. I guess this is what love hormone really feels like. The level of oxytocin must spike up real high every time we nurse. It felt really good and I truly never felt this level of love hormone running in my blood before breastfeeding. This unique experience of strong bond we shared between my and my baby during breastfeeding cannot be replicated with any other activity. Trust me on this.

Go embark on this unique experience and complete yourself

As a woman, we are gifted with a pair of boobs that are capable of nourishing our baby. It plays a big part in the joy of being a mother. Although me and my baby did have a very rough start, he was admitted into the hospital when he was just three weeks old due to my breastfeeding, so many things went wrong.

By the way, if you told me a few years ago that I will be an exclusively breastfeeding mother I would probably scoff at your face. I never thought I would ever get married let alone breastfeeding.

But how things have changed. And I am glad I took this road. Because, the experience of giving birth, breastfeed and becoming a mother truly completes me as a woman. If you have any questions regarding breastfeeding, you can refer to our comprehensive Q&A session with a certified breastfeeding consultant here! Do you have your own unique breastfeeding experience? Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it!

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Parenting Pain: I am proud to say that I have successfully breastfed my son for more than a year now, and am still going strong! For as long as my baby wants to breastfeed, I will continue my breastfeeding journey with him.

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