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Article in partnership with The Asian Woman Website “How to Stay Sane with your Preschooler all day long”

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Pleased to announce that my first article in collaboration with The Asian Woman website has been published.

The topic “How to Stay Sane with your Preschooler all day long?”

This article was inspired by my son and the mother’s in the forum I am following. I have seen many mother’s asking for suggestions on how to manage their time at home all day long with their kid. As a full time mother, I am staying with my son 24/7 a days, and I am loving it. Hence I’ve decided to share some of my tips to staying sane with a toddler all day long.

Year 2020 has been very eventful, or should I say uneventful?

2020 is very eventful with the arrival of Covid-19, us as parents have been forced out of our comfort zone, now more than ever. It’s probably the first time we are facing this kind of global lockdown or movement restriction order.

2020 is also very uneventful as all we do is stay home all day long. International borders are closed and tourists are not accepted. We are basically all stuck where we are. Staying home seems to be the only choice we have.

But the question, is it truly safe for you?  What about the risk of your mental health from being stuck at home all day long with your child? Let me share with you the three easy ways to stay sane with your child all day long at home.

Please visit my partner The Asian Woman website or click here to read “How to Stay Sane with your Preschooler all day long” now.

If you like my article on staying sane with your toddler all day long, please find my parenting tips and other blog posts here. Let me know how else you deal with staying with your child all day long at home, leave me a comment below!

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